Winter Flowers

On the street yesterday in my ‘hood – Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a grey sweatshirt + a floral print dress + knee socks + white patent flats = a super cute late fall look!

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  1. love this outfit! greaat coat (:

  2. that pose! <3

  3. nothing says fall better than pantyhose and knee socks.

  4. Knee socks…Such a sassy look about them, which I love! Her look inspires me to get my feet wet & try them over tights. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So cute!

  6. LOVE! Cute outfit with a little attitude mixed in. The chunky scarf is just right.

  7. Thanks Lady K! x

  8. I agree with the earlier poster regarding the boots, but I also know the pain that is loving a particular item (i.e. knee socks)… And then having to figure out an outfit that fits your style and that item.

  9. that skirt is beautiful….i love that she’s wearing knee highs and stockings with flats too! tres pretty!

  10. Couldn’t resist, had to use this picture for my newest mood board on layering! –

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