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Sometimes people accuse me of shooting “Urban Outfitters catalog-ish” looks…and I’m sure they have photos like these two above in mind when they say this. And if by “Urban Outfitters catalog” they mean that I like girls who are feminine, girly, and on-trend…girls whose looks combine a bit of Stockholm Euro-preppie with a bit of London quirk with a bit of New York art school edginess with a bit of cute Midwestern vintage shopper then yeah, I loove Urban Outfitters looks. I certainly wouldn’t shy away from shooting someone with truly directional and fashion-forward style…but I’m generally far more excited by the cute and the wearable and the adorably approachable. The girl next door with an eye for style is who I’m looking for. Are you out there? xo Mr. Newton

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  1. i like this outfit…i wanna get something similar to that top…

  2. I have the same belt and the look is really feminine with the blouse, love the short! It’s what i can wear for the summer!

  3. I swear, I have a hair fetish….I am completely jealous.

    This outfit is stunning. It looks effortless, but is feminine and pretty…the colors complement each other so well. I just can’t say enough about it! It’s perfect.

    P.S. ~ Urban Outfitters has a lot of great things! So artistic.
    P.P.S ~ Come shoot Denver, CO, and I’ll be waiting : ]

  4. Hey Elizabeth – yes, her hair is gorgeous!

    Not so sure I’ll make it to Denver – but you should come to New York!

  5. Someday, I will make it up there!

  6. i’m right here

  7. omg. that’s so perfect.

    i wanna have that blouse.
    compliment 🙂

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