Totally Bummed Out

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw this cheeky co-ed cutie on the NYU campus this week…

Shorts have been getting progressively shorter for a little while now (thank you Mr. Charney!), until finally this summer I have seen multiple girls wearing shorts so short that well, the fabric ends before their butt does. (In addition to partially exposed rear ends, the other wing of this trend is girls who seem to be walking around wearing nothing but a shirt and shoes – they are generally wearing shorts as well, but they are so short that they don’t extend far enough to actually be seen by the naked eye.) I happen to think that this look – the partially exposed bum cheeks look, I mean – is totally cute and mostly innocent – not trashy. It helps though if you have – as here – a fairly small bum and an overall fresh-faced ponytailed naivety…or you should at least be able to fake this innocent vibe convincingly. The more junk you have in the trunk with a full face of makeup and kitten heels…well, this look can quickly slide from “a young Demi Moore” into “Season 2 of Jersey Shore“. I’m just sayin’.
So what do you guys think about this look? Would you/do you wear shorts this short? Are you “cheeky” enough to pull this off while still looking like a semi-innocent cutie? xx Mr. Newton

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  1. She’s quite cute. It’d turn heads when someone actually wore this in my city I think, tho. I personally wouldn’t wear this, I’m just not that kinda gal 🙂

  2. Yes cheeky indeed

  3. She should put on some clothes, I think it’s disgusting, imagine sitting in that! Red marks all over your bum = not good, this should only be worn in beach towns or something

  4. I think you can only get away with it in AA ads, not so much IRL. But her butt does look good in them.

  5. She’s cute but it still looks trashy to me. There are classier ways to get attention and make a fashion statement.

  6. SHE looks cute, but I only wear shorts that short around the house.

  7. She looks lovely. She is young and cute so she can pull it off. And of course she has a bigger top with it. I think it’s supersweet and very brave. I bet the critical folks are jealous of her cuteness!

  8. Yes Milly! She does look super sweet – you are right.

  9. It certainly looks good on her. Non-innocent looking girls should NOT try this though. Our eyes wouldn’t be delighted.
    But even though I personally do like her look I won’t try it myself. Being slighty ginger I’m about as white as the red head you posted a few days ago and this summer I’m actually wearing skirts and (not so short) shorts trying not to think of my dazzling white legs. Quite a step forward for me.

  10. Well Eveline – I think it sounds like you are dressing summery but within your comfort zone – which is all that any of us can do. I applaud you for pushing your comfort zone a little though and wearing skirts and shorts. I happen to love blindingly white skin (and red hair) in the summer! When everyone else starts to look like a tan beach clone, you are one of nature’s rebels. Also, British girls and models are two groups that are often pale as ghosts – even in the middle of summer – and I LOVE British girls and models. Rest assured, you are in good company…

  11. be in scottsdale, az this weekend at the Hotel Valley Ho and I will sooo be working this look without looking ‘a ho!


  12. I think your assessment Mr. Newton on how to and how NOT to wear this look is right on! And if I felt my tush was this great I’d wear it too! I love edgy looks, but I have to agree that it would look less out of place if kept to beach towns where “the more skin the better” look is more common. But hey, we’re not young forever, so flaunt it if you got it!

  13. Alyssa – LOL

    Abby – thanks for your comment! I just wanted to follow-up with you (and meep) though by saying that restricting this look to beach areas misses the point, and it misses the trend. You’ve always been able to see this much skin (and more) on the beach…AND…what’s more important is that this look is perfectly acceptable there – and therefore requires no guts or confidence or stlye to pull off. What’s going on now though is girls walking down the street in New York on a normal weekday like this – just running their errands, nowhere near a beach. Do you have the body/fresh-faced personality/confidence to pull this off in town while looking cute-not-trashy? That is the question…

    I mean she’s half-naked and looks sweet as sugar! How does she do this??

  14. I say this as a Twiggy shaped girl and lover of trashy looks: no matter how cute and skinny you are, this is a trashy look. I think it’s a bit… almost body snobbish to assume that a thinner woman makes this look less sexual. A bum is a bum. I think she looks adorably trashy.

  15. Very cute. I love it!

  16. She pulls it off well, but I think for myself I would draw the line where the butt starts…still love what she did though, she’s cute and like you said innocent-looking enough that she makes it okay!

  17. She’s cute and she looks good wearing this shorts but for me, I wouldn’t be caught dead in this really short shorts since I have quite a junk in the trunk.

  18. Aww, she’s so cute. Tons of girls show their bums from the other side (really low jeans) why is this style worse? I’m not really the type to push the envelope in fashion, but the world would be so less awesome if there weren’t people who do! Although it’s true, sitting does sound a little uncomfortable.

  19. She looks like a walking American Apparel ad (trashy) and a bit like she’s desperate for attention. I see nothing wrong with ultra-short shorts, but these are basically underwear and wearing those outside just screams desperate. It doesn’t matter that she has a non-existent ass, it’s still hanging out and lots of people (me!) don’t want to see ass hanging out when they’re walking around the city. Plus, ew, how do you sit down anywhere here without feeling absolutely disgusting? I guess you just stand all day and enjoy everyone staring at you.

  20. If my ass looked like that, I would wear those shorts too.

  21. She’s got a cute little fanny – no doubt about that.

  22. (thinking, debating, deliberating…) Honestly, even though she’s relatively thin, these shorts are slutty. It’s unfair to say that people with a smaller butt can show it off without being considered trashy. Sure she’s cute & if she’s comfortable then whatever but personally I like the top half of the ensemble better.

  23. I say this as a Twiggy shaped girl and lover of trashy looks: no matter how cute and skinny you are, this is a trashy look. I think it’s a bit… almost body snobbish to assume that a thinner woman makes this look less sexual. A bum is a bum. I think she looks adorably trashy.

  24. This is a bathing suit bottom. While this girl looks great because she has a fantastic body, I don’t think this is a look that should extend beyond the beach/pool. I wouldn’t call her trashy or desperate. She doesn’t really look either, but I would say she is dressed inappropriately. That is her prerogative. She looks more than happy with what she is wearing, but I don’t think dressing inappropriately gets you very far or is particularly fashion forward.

  25. “I nearly fell off my bike”

    you are so funny!!

  26. Seriously though – those shorts could cause an accident! Good thing I wasn’t driving a big truck. 🙂

  27. It’s a cute look, she pulls it off well. Here in Sydney, short shorts are pretty common in summer, it makes more sense when you’re close to the beach I guess!! I think if her shorts were in denim they might be less controversial, they look like they’re made of perilously thin fabric…
    I totally applaud her confidence though!

  28. if you can rock it, do it! but there’s a delicate line between you know, what you said “season 2 of jersey shore” (hahaha!). whoever that girl is pulled it off really well, but there’s way more people who won’t do as good of a job, than those who will.

  29. She’s a cheeky cutie! 🙂

  30. she is sooo cute, but this seems like something that you would like JUST in the picture and not on yourself. And not to mention, this look is extremely hard to pull off for some girls, you really have to have the right legs and the right butt for it; or the trashy look will just come naturally.

  31. isn’t it kind of messed up to say that only small girls can/should wear this look? i agree that kitten heels and lots of makeup would make it look trashy but why on earth is that kind of look associated with a bigger body?

  32. I find it hugely offensive that you and many commenters seem to be making an automatic value judgement based upon girls’ body types, saying that being bigger than the very slender girl presented in the same look would be “trashy”. Way to present a completely negative view on female sexuality and make hurtful comments about size diversity. Listen to yourself, can’t you tell what negative stereotypes you’re presenting?

  33. I cannot believe people are calling this trashy! Seriously. I agree with Maya, that by pointing out the ‘obvious stereotypes’ you are creating/reinforcing ideas about body size and female sexuality that will only go away through being more tolerant human beings! The point that I think was being suggested about is like that of a large breasted woman wearing a tiny, too low-cut shirt, and showing too much cleavage, heels and a ton of makeup…it would be trashy. However, I have a friend who has a larger booty and wears super short shorts and gets away with it! Why? She keeps a fresh face, and wears flats and a higher cut shirt. Butt cleavage =) not too different from decolletage, no? In moderation, and with some taste, it can be quite appealing and attractive, but both have their limits of acceptability!

  34. Did she tell you where she got the shorts from, Mr. Newton?

  35. Hi Tiara – she didn’t say. But I have her contact info and I will ask her – check back here in the comments for the answer!


  36. Wait Em, I’m confused – you start out by saying that you agree with Maya – but then most of what you go on to say sounds like that you don’t agree with her. I don’t get it…

  37. Hi Tiara – she says they are from American Apparel – the new collection!

  38. This trend is the best i’ve ever seen. Because with this kind of shorts, you have to wear a really simple outfit. so you find the simplest fashion. Just a beautiful necklace (as the photo), an oversized t-shirt, this short shorts, and you find perfection. I’m agree, the naivety on your face is something essential to wear it. but for me, these girls are icons.

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