Masculin, Feminin

Spotted on the street in Carroll Gardens

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  1. really like her double nose ring, and her overall soft-but-edgy look.

  2. this is my buddy j. she always looks friggen amazing. everytime i see her i just wonder why she isn’t a famous fashion icon yet. not only… but she does amazing social work as well: a joan jett/susan b. anthony for the modern age.

  3. Hey Amber – she looks rad and she seemed like a sweet chick too. Let’s get her fashion icon status started right here and now!

  4. oh amber. very sweet but fashion icon i am not! but we can all dream!! haha. mr newton, thanks for the photos!

  5. Wow. Simply amazing.

  6. dear, last time when you were in paris you told me you were going to coachella… did you finally not go??

  7. Esther…honey…I was just looking at your tumblr…wow, love it…you have a lot of cool stuff on there…that sideboob video is amazing…that girl should be a host on like MTV or something…of course, I guess that’s what she’s aiming for.

    Coachella – didn’t make it this year sadly. H&M hooked me up with an all-access pass for the festival…but flights/hotel/etc. were either too expensive, too complicated, or both. Wish I could have gone and seen friends and shot photos though! So far, Hanneli’s photos for are my favorite photos from Coachella this year…super-jealous of the one she got of Daisy Lowe at the Ace Hotel pool!!

    xx miss you

  8. I love her expression; it radiates intelligence and strength.

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