Stella’s Garden Party

Hi there – I was out and about yesterday in the West Village for Stella McCartney’s resort 2012 presentation. It had a bit of a fun-garden-party-meets-British-church-picnic feel to it…well, if Bono and Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts came to your church picnic…and brought a pinata with them – that’s exactly what it felt like. Here are my photos below…mostly shots of the models wearing the collection…but of course I snapped a few cute attendees as well! xo Mr. Newton

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  1. Wow great post Mr. Newton, all of the photos and clothes are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Thank you Carolina sweetie. x

  3. hanne gaby odiele looks incredible!

  4. great shots! evveryone looks stunning x

  5. The girl in the paisley pants is my favorite! They look so comfortable but they are beautiful at the same time.

  6. LOVE! Great photos Mr. Newton!

    Looks like such a fun party!

  7. i love the 3rd photo with the pure white outfit,just great!

  8. Such fun photos. Some lovely portraits.

  9. Fantastic shots! Love the mixed-print meets Hawaiian shirt vibe. x

  10. The collection itself is incredible, but the whole concept behind this event is amazing. Everything looks wonderful, your pictures are so beautifully shot!

    Alexandra xo

  11. Oh, I want that button!

  12. These are adorable. What a nice idea!

  13. Scrabble)) It is charming)

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