Sideboob For Summer!

Sideboob – sweeping the nation! Summer 2010! Do it.

I love sideboob – boobs in general I get pretty excited about. Sideboob is great though because it’s provocative yet subtle at the same time…it’s like the way to meet boys without looking like you’re trying too hard to meet boys…it’s like the hipster version of cleavage, you know? I mean your front view can be all, “hey no big deal, rando, androgynous, cute, bangs, eyelashes, one-of-the-dudes”…but the side view says “party time”, no? Plus it’s got this pervy accidental air about it which is always hot…such that the person seeing it wonders if they are the only one who is seeing it. I mean surely this girl (i.e., you) has no idea that her boobs are like totally hanging out?
I don’t think you have to be super brave to rock the day version of sideboob…as Alexi says here, you just need a cute black lace or perhaps plain black sheer bra. You do need to be a bit brave (drunk?), or daring, or fashion-forward to rock the “nite” version with no bra however. So how about it – are you stoked to rock the day version all summer long?? Are you brave enough to rock the nite version?? Are you the type of hott chick that rocks the nite version during the day?? Would you be jealous and hate on another girl if she were rocking the nite version and guys suddenly seem to think that everything she says is super interesting and funny? Inquiring minds want to know… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. Dearest Mr. Newton,

    A little about me: My name is Emily and I have small boobs. Therefore, I rock the sideboob quite a bit – sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. When I see a girl with sideboob, I think to myself…ahhhh! I want sideboob too! Unless that girl has inappropriately large melons because then I think to myself…ahhhh! Cover up the sideboob! Anyway, the point of this post is: Sideboob with small to medium tatas – yes! Sideboob with large bosoms – I’ll gladly pass.

    Love and fabric tape,

  2. “ahhhh! I want sideboob too!” – LOL

    Yes Emily – I think your trend analysis here concerning the size of the tatas is quite correct. This is perhaps not for the large of chest. It’s pretty much a hipster move anyway…and don’t all hipster girls have either small or medium boobs?

  3. I cannot stop laughing…..
    I think that sideboob trend will catch on in the summer days. But, girls please shave.
    Unfortunately I cannot do the sideboob in public, I only do it at home 🙂

  4. exposed boobs, big or small = always stylish in my opinion. great video.

  5. Melina – Yes! I couldn’t agree with you more! There is nothing more stylish than a beautiful model with casually exposed breasts who is wearing at least one piece of high-end clothing. This is the definition of chic for me. European fashion publications like Purple, self service, S magazine, and French Vogue certainly understand this…they continue to carry the torch for glamorous 1970’s-style decadence in the tradition of Helmut Newton, Francesco Scavullo, St. Tropez, and Studio 54. The New York-based editorial teams who produce the top American fashion magazines certainly understand this as well…but they are slaves to advertisers who don’t want to offend/confuse middle-American readers with nudity. (This post of course is about something that’s a bit more low fashion…but your comment still rings true.)

  6. Sideboob: the Hipster version of cleavage. Brilliant!
    Agree with Emily – I won’t be rocking the sideboob any time soon for that reason entirely (Though I’ve been known to don a sheer top with a bra, so….)

  7. well, i have medium sized boobs. 😛 but i do that at home only, and my boyfriend seems to like it.
    here’s what i do when i’m in public: i wear a small bikini top underneath that still allows a generous amount of skin to show at the sides, but covers my nipples, so i don’t get embarassed when i have to bend foreward.
    sorry if my english is not perfect, i’m from hungary

  8. Esther – cute! But I’m sorry, that’s sideboob cheating…

    Lorena + Agnes – I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the concept of “home sideboob” haha…I think what you are saying is that bras can be a bit hot/uncomfortable, so sometimes when you are at home you take yours off but leave your shirt on. This could certainly result in accidental sideboob, yes. True sideboob aficionados however would say that sideboob must be done in public, as a planned and considered part of your outfit for that day/nite – i.e. it only APPEARS to be accidental. If you didn’t plan it and think about it and decide that you don’t give a damn how many people stare…then I’m sorry, but what you’re left with is casual home nudity…but not, I’m afraid, sideboob.


  9. my small sized boobs allow me to rock the day version but i still don’t dare to follow the nite sideboob trend.. should i try with a couple of beers on? lol i’ll tell you on monday
    and you’re right.. i’m so over cleavage, sideboob is the new shit.

  10. the video would be a lot cooler if she had pretty boobs, but they’re like… hanging in there, super ugly. she may be skinny, but her breasts are not made for sideboob like that!!!

  11. gotta agree with das! Don’t do it if your ta tas look like stretched out gym socks! Perky, only! I got the cutest side boob shirt, but I can rock it;p!

  12. Yeah, I guess, you’re right, doing it at home is not the same.
    Then, I’m afraid, I’m not courrageous enough to sport it in public… except the day-version.

  13. You would love sideboob, lol.

  14. Already rocked the day version all Summer long here in Australia! With studded bra, lace bra, leather bra – loving it.

  15. this really seals the deal for me that you are a new genius on the scene

    ps B Cup = perfect side boob

  16. Vicky – so how did it go?? Did you do it?

    Rachel – whoa – wait a minute – STUDDED, LACE and LEATHER bras??! You’re like my sideboob dream girl…

  17. Also to everyone – I have to say…despite my original attempt in this post to allow for both a “day” version and a “nite” version of sideboob…upon reflection, I’ve decided that without the boob, there can be no sideboob. Clearly, Alexi in her video was talking about going out and leaving the bra at home. While she does seem to think that it’s a cute look to wear this same shirt with a black lace bra while doing your daytime errands, she does not seem to think that this would constitute sideboob. I have to agree.
    So yeah I’m a guy…a straight guy…so sure, I would love to see lots of cute girls walking around this summer with loose fitting shirts and no bras. But that’s not really the point. In all seriousness, the point is this – be adventurous, have the guts to make people stare – either go hard or go home. I mean, who that has been to a European beach…or to South Beach Miami…or even to the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Hollywood is going to get a thrill about catching a glimpse of your lace bra this summer?? Admittedly, in some situations it’s just inappropriate to be semi-exposing yourself…still though, if you were honest, I believe that most of you who are doing this with a bra secretly wish you had the guts to throw that bra on the bed and not give a f#%k.

  18. This is a brilliant post. Long live the sideboob.

  19. omg it’s alexi wasser! from IMBOYCRAZY.COM

  20. :D:D
    Mr Newton, I guess you’re right!

  21. i’m loving this post……for one, i’m a fan of sideboob…my boobies are on the extreme side of small though, so i’m not a huge fan of showing off what i [don’t] got.


    this got me thinking. fashion is so much more than what you wear [or in this case, don’t wear]. obviously, attitude is a major factor. but even more, it’s taking the unconventional and MAKING it conventional. it’s the stares you get, it’s the colors that might just clash but oh well. fashion comes from inside….when courage, creativity, and a little bit of crazy fuse together, BAM. fashion. sideboob. 🙂

  22. one more thing, mr. newton — you are indeed my newfound hero. thanks for the site. my little small-town high school heart doesn’t get to indulge like this very often.

  23. Elizabeth – you are very sweet. I’m so happy that you like my site! No need to thank me – the fact that you are reading/watching/commenting is why I do this site. (Well, that and the fact that I use this site as a self-promotional vehicle to sell my photos to magazines so that I don’t have to have a real job and can ride a vintage bicycle around Brooklyn and eat ice cream – but that’s another story.)

    Also – if you want to have sideboob this summer, you should definitely not worry that your boobs are too small. Many top models have extremely small boobs…and it seems that the smaller they are, the more likely that the model will not mind posing topless. In short, in the fashion industry and on the streets of fashion capitals like New York and Paris, tiny boobs are always chic and are often seen as an asset. Lucky girl!

  24. me too i’m a fan of the sideboob but i think i prefer it with a bra or at least with boobs that don’t sag. the girl in the video is brave but to her own detriment. i guess that just means more (curious and/or bitchy) stares for her.

    it’s true, you have a great blog mr. newton (feels so weird saying mr., way too reminiscent of school) i think you’re the only streetstyle photographer that i know of that’s funny!

    you should check out the post i did about you on my blog a while ago!

    i’m sure a side boob in a lace bra is the best version!

  25. Hi Chuk – yes I saw your post – it looks really cool! I love the layout that you did. I’m glad you appreciate my humor! xxx

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