Portobello Pin-Ups Pt. 2

Portobello Market on a Friday morning is a quintessential London experience. While Saturdays (the much more crowded main market day) are fun in their own way, Friday is considered “vintage clothing day” at Portobello. As such, Fridays are also considered the “it-girl day” and the “locals day” – in an unofficial sense of course. All of which means that here at Mr. Newton, we consider Fridays at Portobello to be “street style day”.
I like to start off early with breakfast at Eve’s Market Cafe (double bacon please) and a look at The Sun. (Yes there really is an Eve and you should say hello to her and her daughter. And yes, I read The Sun.) Then I start shooting street style around 9am…and have pretty much wrapped things up by 1 or 2pm. Here’s part 2 of my photos from a recent fall Friday at Portobello. You can check out part 1 of these photos here. xo

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  1. so pretty! love the jumper on lass #1!

  2. So awesome x

  3. Love the plaid jumper and paisley ensemble.

  4. I love these photos Mr. Newton!

  5. such great outfits here!

  6. The first look is awesome! That jumper…or is it a romper??? And, those sunglasses! Very nice.

  7. Love the first look. The romper is so cute!


  8. I love that girl’s beaded fringe top. Amazing



  9. This beaded fringe top is gorgeous!

  10. Yay! A part two.

    English girls really do have such lovely style.

  11. Lovely! I love girl No.1… and the ripped jeans with those shoes!

  12. Absolutely love. The last look (with the beaded vest) is gorgeous. xo

  13. Great pictures Mr. Newton! I love the jeans from the fourth one.

  14. Wish I could nab a day off work and pop to Portobello on a Friday!

  15. The first and last ones are my favorites. Great pics.

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