Paris Scrapbook

As promised, here are the last of my photos from my March trip to Paris for Fashion Week. A massive post for you guys this time – 124 photos! I hope you enjoy looking at them…I had lots of fun shooting them. Believe it or not, I just started today making preliminary plans to shoot in Europe again next season… xx Mr. Newton

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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! These photos are fantastic.

  2. These photos are incredible!
    Effortless stylish people.

  3. I love those mui mui daisy print shoes that those girls are wearing, I would kill for a pair!!! plus I love that one picture of the girl who is just wearing like a plaid rain jacket and jeans, its so basic but she looks so effortlessly cool!

  4. I loved the girl that is fifth from the top and the girl with the yellow shirt and black shorts. Great pictures!

  5. this site is genius. love it, mr newton.

    the woman with the pale pink blazer looks utterly fantastic.

  6. Thank you so much for posting!
    Loved everything!

  7. A very nice collection of pictures. Louise “Pandora” looks great in white & the second shot (on which she appears) looks very “modern-style”. The Tuileries provide a marvelous set for your pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. i looovveee the one of the girl at dusk with the eiffel tower in the background. gorgeous!

  9. wow, so many amazing looks!
    Love Mila’s Proenza Schouler and Celine combination 🙂

  10. its almost as if you are living in a fashion dream looking at these pictures. those miu mius are to die for. if its ok going to post about you on our site! LOVEEEEE. 🙂

  11. WOW!! Your blog is sooo good. These photos are almost unbelievable.

  12. LOVE! 🙂

  13. Great photos! Very inspirational

  14. Wow, so many amazing pictures! Great inspiration source!

  15. I’d say: forget about The Sartorialist, Garance, Facehunter…it’s all about Mr. Newton.

  16. a lot of them look amazing…but booring. the girl i find the most inspiring is the one with red eyebrows and platforms…she looks fresh and has great hair!

  17. oh erin fetherston right? adore every collection made by her! and ida pyk, she is such a nice girl! like her idea with the scarf, and her vest from her new collection undreneath the coat 🙂

  18. what a wonderful cadeau of a post!
    your images are all as striking as the outfits you capture!
    truly a great source of inspiration!

  19. wow, you take great photos and has selected the best outifts ever! these people look all so interesting. thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  20. Wow all of these are so inspiring!

  21. who is that redhead with the ponytails?? i’ve seen her in a bunch of blogs.. rad streetsytles newton!

  22. Hi Cata – glad you like the photos – thanks!

    Redhead with her hair in bunches is Weezy aka Louise Ebel aka Pandora aka an art history student and style blogger who lives in Paris.

  23. How awesome it is that they all look so eclectic and yet so appropriately stylish. It just goes to show you will never go wrong with just being yourself.

  24. Great pictures and wonderful selection of styles. Girl with the grey Birkin and Louboutin shoes is designer Ashley Ashoff. I have several of her
    beuatiful scarves.

  25. Wow so many gorgeous people!

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