Paris In The Spring

I ran into Paris at the Hester Street Fair over the weekend. I love how she’s combined a few tough downtown girl touches (denim short shorts with side zips and tooled leather purse), with the almost doll-like delicacy of the rest of her look. Her gorgeous long hair, the antique-looking delicate lace top, the clunky faux-pearl bracelet, the lavender nail polish, and her shoes, are all very boho-chic-Victorian-doll-meets-Picnic At Hanging Rock. (I’m obsessed with Picnic At Hanging Rock.) Her shoes are especially great…the heel is what makes them…so feminine. Ack…adorable!

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  1. Love the blouse and the bohemian vibes

  2. Her hair is so exquisite.

  3. Love this girl!

  4. Her shorts are so cute! Just bought some similar…

  5. and her fairy hair!

  6. This girl is beautiful and has such amazing style! Love your blog!

  7. The whole outfit looks vintage, yet classy and stylish. Love this!

  8. lace & jeans, i love it!

  9. love everything about this outfit! especially her hair!! does she have a blog?!

  10. Hi Kate – I’m glad you like her! No, I don’t think that Paris has a blog.

  11. i love that victorian look that’s toughed up a little with a few more masculine pieces…those shoes are gorgeous.

  12. Hair = Gorgeous! Straight out of the film (she could be Miranda’s younger sister)

    I grew up watching that movie…it haunted us little Aussie kids! Used to get chills every time we drove past Hanging Rock…Still freaks me out sitting here thinking about it in my nyc apartment. Meh!

  13. Yes Hells – her hair looks almost exactly like the style that the Victorian schoolgirls were wearing in that film!

    And you are right about being freaked out…I was out at Ayers Rock for 4 or 5 days last May…there is definitely something spooky and ancient and mystical about such places…you can feel it.

  14. There is! Did you watch Meryl Streep in ‘Evil Angels’ before your trip to Ayers..?

    Hope you get to Hanging Rock one day it’s magic.

  15. Hells – I have never seen “Evil Angels” aka “A Cry In The Dark”…though I am familiar with the story and I know it was filmed on location…I’ve just now added it to my Netflix queue though thanks to you…and…it’s available for instant viewing…which means I can watch it on my laptop – yay!

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