On W. 13th Street

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  1. I really love the proportions in this ensemble! This girl is knowing what to work and she looks fabulous!!

  2. What? She’s got a great body, but this outfit is boring! That bag is terrible – my suburban mom and all her friends carry bags like that and stylish is not what you’d call them (although they are all lovely people!).

  3. @kalimirch – yeah the bag is no good – but I like the rest of her outfit a lot.

    Also – sometimes I will post a photo of a girl just because she is hot and/or has a great body…or for various other reasons. Try to think of Mr. Newton simply as a photo blog of amazing girls I spotted around town/the world.

    I have no interest in doing a mediocre style blog – which is the only kind of style blog I could do. I have a lot of interest in doing a great “amazing girl” blog. I think I’m capable of doing the best “amazing girl” blog in the world. That’s my niche…and I’m working it – hard. I hope you enjoy it for what it is.

    And give your Mom a break – she’s doing her thing, style-wise. Ya gotta bury the hate!

  4. Mr. Newton you are amazing. Everyday I love seeing the amazing girls on your blog. I believe that a woman’s body is a work of art all on its own, regardless of fashion or accessories. If she has a confident attitude she can wear anything.

  5. @tarahzdunic – I love women.

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