On Park Avenue – New York

Eleonora was having lunch at the Seagram Building yesterday…

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  1. French women pull this look off, but it’s usually at night, and the material while sheer is not so blatantly sheer. If she had added a sheer bra it would have been okay, but that’s too much of an eyeful during the daytime.

  2. What would possess someone to go to lunch topless?

  3. Wow, she’s not shy.

  4. :OOOO
    I think you’ve forgotten your bra baby!

  5. More people should be encouraged to do this. I think it looks great! People in America are too squeamish about seeing breasts and it is ridiculous. Keep these types of fashion posts up!!

  6. i actually think it will look better with a bra, a nice lacy black one or whatever.

  7. C’est transparent…

  8. Shoes? Socks? All I saw was boobs.

    I agree with other commenters that this is inappropriate for the setting. I hope this isn’t a trend that will catch on in my lifetime. The thought of going to the office with my breasts exposed (or thinking of my coworkers doing the same) sounds terrible.

  9. this is an amazing photo of a gorgeous girl! instantly shows her extremely high level of confidence, and take it or leave it attitude! She looks absolutely amazing and anyone that thinks otherwise should see an eye dr.
    The #NoBraRevolution continues!

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  10. She looks stunning and gorgeous! Come on ladies and gentlemen we’ve all seen breasts before. ;p

  11. She looks stunning! It’s a bit risque, but she just looks fantastic. What a great outfit: the sheer polka dots, the velvet skirt, and socks and wedges. I’m in love with this image.

  12. WTF?!

  13. them girls be hanging out.
    on a side note, i do enjoy the sheer capelet. pretttttty sure you can wear a bra with it though.

  14. Umm…she’s naked.

  15. When I first saw this I could not stop laughing. I wasn’t making fun of her, I just thought she was so daring and it made me really happy. Although this is not my preferred look, I do not deny that this girl can pull this off.

  16. Here is the thing about being sexy: you must leave bits to the imagination. If you just put it all out there, there is nothing to fantasize about. Yes, breasts and the female body are beautiful but for me, exposing my body to strangers feels degrading. I have the confidence to walk around naked but it feels special only sharing that with my boyfriend.

  17. I do think she looks great but she must have gotten A LOT of attention, some of it I’m sure rather unpleasant. Still, she does look beautiful and she has the figure to pull it off.

  18. i think she pulls it off and looks absolutely gorgeous. personally, i could never do this during the day time, i would feel unsafe, but the female body is beautiful and there’s no need to leave it to the imagination so men can “fantasize” about you…that’s creepy…and as empowered women we don’t need to dress in a way that makes men want us.

  19. i agree fully with first comment, Caroline :0)

  20. It’s not too cold for November to walk around topless? lol

    Nice catch of the day Mr Newton!


  21. she only gets our attention because of her boobs!

  22. This is not what “less is more” means though… 🙂

  23. Interesting…maybe lunching at Brassiere was her form of putting one on…or just a plain put-on?

  24. ha excuse me brasserie! in that case nevermind!

  25. I’m fine with nakedness but not during the daytime…

  26. J’aime cette fille!

  27. She’s very daring. I guess she doesn’t have a boss!

  28. I am no prude, but bare breasts are for nighttime. I’ve been known to go braless with sheer during the day, but I had strategically placed pockets to cover up my ta-tas! Even in Europe, I think this is a little much.

  29. In America if a woman is topless at 99% of the beaches she is arrested or at least cited for “indecency.” In Europe if a woman is topless at most beaches no one notices.

    Obese men with boobs=acceptable, a fit woman with breasts exposed is “disgusting.”

    In America we are PRUDES, PRUDES, PRUDES!

    I congratulate this gal for having the cojones to wear this when most women would blush.

  30. You can’t call someone a prude just because they don’t want to go around the city with their breasts exposed. There is a time and place for everything. A woman on a beach is topless presumably because she is getting a tan.

    I don’t see a reason for this very beautiful lady to wear a top like that without at least a bra underneath. It’s a little too much.

    Also what’s up with the socks?

  31. DISAPPROVE. All of you who call this beautiful…NO. Think about the little children out there whom she–figuratively speaking–runs into. You can SEE her bare BOOBS. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see any of that. Wear something to cover that up please! On a different note, if she were to wear a black camisole under that lace blouse, that would be cute.

  32. I don’t like the socks and shoes. The look is pretty and quite uncomfortable at the same time – very ironic.

  33. haha i don’t know if it’s just me and my ADD, but that is kind of distracting while having lunch. right?

  34. Wow, the outfit is absolutely horrendous. Nice breasts though.

  35. WOOOOWWW she has such nice breasts!!! lovelyyy!

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