On Mott Street

Tuesday afternoon on Mott Street…

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  1. can always catch stunners on mott street. one of my favorite streets in the city! love this photograph.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  2. wonderful combination of colors!

  3. wow!
    It’s me!!
    Thank you for a fabulous time;)

  4. The colour of that skirt is amazing!

  5. amazingness! love how she wears the scarf!!!

  6. @january – no not Carven, Charney.

    (It’s American Apparel. It’s this amazing melon color with just a hint of neon – looks especially great in person. Also, it’s even a bit exotic – she told me that there are only 3 AA’s in all of Japan – and none in her city, Yokohama. She bought it here in New York.)

  7. Love this picture!

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