On Delancey Street – Karley

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  1. gorgeous dress, gorgeous girl, great figure!!!
    Come follow my blog darling 🙂

  2. i love this girl. she’s gorgeous and her look is sexy & fun

  3. slutever! :O

  4. She looks like a whore! awful picture 🙁

  5. @Jessica – maybe she wanted to look like a whore though – if so, then it’s a great picture – right?

    The success or failure of a fashion photo – or of a fashion movement or of a runway show or of an individual girl’s outfit – does not depend on the subject’s life goals, habits, upbringing, or morality. I don’t care. I care if she looks cool and interesting – I care if there is something striking or captivating about the girl or her clothes – something that fires the imagination hopefully. If there were no stylistic validity to looking like a “whore” would we ever had have grunge? riot grrrl? punk? kinderwhore? American Apparel? Victoria’s Secret? lots of Marc by Marc 1970’s-esque pieces that are direct descendants of Jodie Foster’s teen prostitute wardrobe in “Taxi Driver”? denim cutoffs? the Dash store in Soho? Kiki De Montparnasse? Debbie Harry? every shoe designer who has ever ripped-off the shoes from “the stripper store” – i.e. every high-end shoe designer worldwide?

    In fact, my favorite street style book of all-time is Katsumi’s “Gangs of Kabukicho” – which consists primarily of photos of gangsters and prostitutes in Shinjuku, Tokyo in the 1960’s. His photos have lots of validity…and they are certainly not awful…nor more importantly, boring.

  6. @Jessica – believe me, in some climates you wish you wore even less.

    looking like a MegaBabe galfriend

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