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Hi – one of my fave trends so far this fall/winter has to be the short-sleeved coat. I mean let’s be real – it’s a cute fashion item – but not very practical. Guess what though? I like cute fashion items! I like people who aren’t practical! If I wanted to be practical all the time I wouldn’t even live in New York. People from all over the world ride around this city on tour buses and stare at us because we’re all fashionable yet not very practical! I think it’s great. xx Mr. Newton (FYI – I spotted Garance below wearing her fantastic dark camel MaxMara in October in the Tuileries, Paris – the mystery girl on the right was wearing a black poof sleeve by Giambattista Valli last week in Nolita, NYC.)

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  1. I want both of these coats!

  2. Garance looks lovely in here! her blog is so funny, she seems like such a genuine person. 🙂

  3. She’s definitely genuine and completely down to earth – which just means so much. I think it’s really difficult for most people who have a degree of success to continue acting the same as they did before they had this success – a lot of people become full of shit and too cool for school once they have success. Katy Perry is another acquaintance who I can’t say enough good things about – she’s awesome and totes acts the same now as she did before she was famous.

  4. Magnificent set of coats.

  5. Can I move to New York and follow you around? 🙂

  6. Garance looks great as usual. I guess these short-sleeved coats are about as useful as vests. GOod for keeping the core warm! Lovely photos. Can’t wait for the day I can have a Max Mara anything!

  7. I actually think this coats are bulky, regardless of the person that wears them.

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