my roommate, the hottie

My stylish roomie Christina on the street in Nolita…because life’s too short to live with a dude.


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  1. Nice yellow boots!

  2. love the shorts, the attitude and the boots!

    xxx from

  3. could she BE any more adorable?

  4. Hi Shan – no, she could not! They’re actually making a movie about Christina and me and our apt and the ‘burg…it’s called “The Hottie and the Nottie Pt. 2: Hipster’s Paradise”

    Hi Chloe – thanks!! I had no idea…

  5. “been spending most our lives livin’ in a hipster’s paradise, we eat vegan beans and rice livin’ in a hipster’s paradise. tell me why are we, so blind to see, that these PBRs don’t come for free?” full LP coming this summer.

  6. You’re leaking the theme song from the film!! noooo!

  7. Looking good luff. Cant wait to come visit in july!

  8. a basic look so stylish!!!!!!

    and as usual a good picture !!!


  9. [sorry, couldn’t help but notice the song….sounds like a keeper :)]

    i absolutely love this. epitome of cool, yet looks very polished at the same time.

  10. Great style! Love the hat and the booties!

  11. she’s so cute! LOVE her outfit! no surprise that you would have a stylish roommate haha

  12. I love those shorts! They’re so chic!

  13. luv the hat and the boots

  14. This is yet another adorable picture! I am in looove with the shoes and hat… can’t wait for the movie haha. By the way, you were featured in Seventeen awhile back 🙂 just in case you didn’t already know.

  15. fashion pretty lady~

  16. chic and easy look, super cute.

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