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Hi there…sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of days…I got just a little wee bit busy with a couple of magazine deadlines. I’ve also been busy shooting loads of spring street style photos here in New York the past several days. I’ll be posting some of those later this week I promise! First up though, I want to finish posting my photos from my recent trip to Paris. If a photo is good, I don’t like to let it sit around on my hard drive and molder for months while I dole it and others out one at a time. I’d rather get them all up, be done with them, and then move on to the next thing. Cool? So here are my photos that I shot at the Louis Vuitton show this season…I’ve got one more Paris post coming after this and then it’s time for spring in New York! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. I like the outfits and people you decided to photograph. There are some really nice shots in here.

  2. I love it you always have that many shots! And all so good chosen

  3. i love the one of frida on the motorcycle and that first photo is magazine worthy. well done 🙂

  4. simple, natural, elegant and trendy, the girl with the high-waisted jeans and white shirt bearing the honorary Oscar to good taste.

  5. Great photos!

  6. the best shots are the ones where the light is behind the arch! the composition is beautiful, as though there is a halo above their heads.

  7. Oh I love the first photo with the girl with the blue cap. Caroline, Alexa and Julia look amazing as per usual. And absolutely adore the shot of Leigh

    Your blog is just too fun!


  8. Who is the girl with the top bun and red shoes? Been seeing her everywhere for a while

  9. Hi Jess and Natalia – that’s Denni – thechicmuse from Mexico City living now in Paris – a new and up-and-coming street style star! I shot her often this season simply because she was out a lot and looking great a lot. I’m not trying to promote her…nor of course would I try to stop her…if you are out looking great, I will shoot your photo and post it – whether that is one time or twenty times. 🙂

  10. Oh yes! She does look great! Catchs the eye!

  11. the first lady, is she chinese actress 范冰冰?

  12. I wholly agree, her style is amazing and I’m very jealous! Thankyou 🙂

  13. I cannot believe i have just discovered your wonderful blog! such wondrous pictures!!!! i’m in love!

  14. Jam yes – I’m pretty certain that she is this Chinese actress you mentioned! I love the photo I was able to get of her – one of my favorites from the week! She was kind enough to pose in the archway where I asked her to – with nice light framing her from in front and behind. I’m glad you like it!

  15. Really, really beautiful shots.

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