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Hi there – I have a few rules that I always follow during Paris Fashion Week – simple things like “only go to the Flore at night” (much better crowd than during the day), “never sit front row if you’ve blagged your way in to a show” (no one ever gets kicked out of the second row), and “never investigate the insides of those places that line the Boulevard de Clichy” (just admire their retro-cool neon signs from the sidewalk). A final and somewhat more personal rule is, “when Marc Jacobs walks out of the Louis Vuitton show, I shoot his photo and then the camera goes in the bag”. The Vuitton show is generally held on the last full day of PFW…and I’m generally burned out and a bit over it by that point…so while there are usually still a handful of shows remaining on the schedule…I hang out to shoot Marc’s photo after the show and then turn into a tourist. After traveling over from NYC or London, racing all over town for 7 or 8 days, shooting a couple thousand photos – this little ritual gives me a sense of satisfaction and relief. This season – after shooting Marc’s photo – I headed straight for the Metro station and went to lunch at the Bon Marche food hall…after eating I went to umm, a fashion photography exhibit. Well, maybe I wasn’t totally burned out on fashion and photography after all! haha Check out my photos from the Louis Vuitton show below. (Been having a gorgeous week this week in New York and shooting lots of street fashion – those photos and more Paris photos coming soon.) xx Mr. Newton




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  1. Great images, Eddie!!!!!! I love the dress on Camilla Belle. Loving those shoes on the gal who’s jumping. and amazing shot of Katy Perry. looks like she’s waving off all the paparazzi haha

  2. 1. i heart anna della russo.
    2. i heart hanelli.
    3. fifi looks adorbs.
    miss you!

  3. Love your photos! Was looking forward to seeing the ones of Hanneli jumping as I was nearby when you took them. She looks great. xx

  4. Daisy Loewe looks great.
    The 11th look is great.

  5. Mr Newton I’m sooo glad I discovered your blog! Great photography skills and the best style pics.

  6. Your photos are excellent! I love your writing style as well. 🙂

  7. teeheehee – i’m such a fan of your work =)

  8. Yay! Inna!

  9. Your title made me smile because that’s my email address! I chose it when I first got into fashion & was in looove with Marc (still am!). These are great shots. I love that Louis V. ensemble with the pink skirt.

  10. Marc Jacobs, I swear to god, brings out the best in people, especially during Paris’ Fashion Week. I am in love with so many looks here, the woman with the ornate hair piece, silk blouse, and skirt, the woman jumping in sky blue wedges (love her energy), the leggy wonder with the Louis Vuitton Collection shoes, the leather, the ruffles, the blazers, OH MY! I love it all. I’d die just to be apart of it all…

  11. I was searching for digital photography when I found your site. Very good post. Thank You.

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