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Other than shooting at the fashion weeks in Europe, my favorite venue for shooting street style is at a cool outdoor summer concert or festival. (Is it still street style if there aren’t any streets?) I met these stylish free spirits on the 4th of July at the She & Him show on Governors Island. The island sits squarely in the middle of New York harbor and the concert venue (which is called “The Beach”, although sadly there is no beach) offers a view not only of the downtown New York skyline but appropriately enough, the Statue of Liberty as well! In keeping with the “freedom” theme for the day, we all took free ferries over to the island and back and the show was free as well. Nice one America! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. These are great ~

  2. Great summer styles! 🙂

  3. The second picture of two girls was a bit questionable ;). You know what I mean.

  4. The gal in the wrestling suit has left me at a loss for words…

  5. America the beautiful!

  6. These are awesome! I love the second to the last girl with the oversize floral print dress!

  7. No stylish guys?

  8. Stylish guys at this? I literally did not see even one. I was not looking terribly hard for guys to shoot (as I mostly prefer to shoot girls)…so surely there must have been a few guys worth shooting and I just missed them.
    BUT – while I didn’t search high and low for stylish guys, I did keep my eye out for them…and even thought to myself how poorly most of the guys there were dressed.
    Most girls/women seem to view summer as a new fashion opportunity – a less serious season than fall to be sure, but a season nonetheless. They have outfits that they’ve been scheming to wear all winter – they get excited to show them off as soon as the weather gets the least bit warm. Most young-ish (American?) guys on the other hand seem to view summer as a non-season – a time to completely forget about fashion. They seem to suddenly regress back to school days – or perhaps they are still in school – and warm weather means freedom from wearing a suit or other restrictive clothing. They get so excited with their freedom though that they take things too far and seem to completely forget how to dress for two or three months! So even guys who can look reasonably well put together in the fall will succumb to cargo shorts, a t-shirt off the floor of their apartment, and flip-flops with gnarly toenails. Their look says – “Ehh it’s freaking hot out today, can’t be bothered”. My advice to guys is – get a pedicure…then get some Spring Court sneakers in navy or black or get Sperry/Sebago leather boat shoes…and don’t wear those little tiny anklet socks with them…either go sockless or wear a pair of short but real socks…I’m not really into white socks with shorts but I think some light grey ones look nice…then get a pair of actual slim cut tailored trousers and cut them off yourself to make shorts…leave them just a bit longer than you actually intend to wear them so that you can roll them up with a casual cuff at the leg…American Apparel’s new School Boy trousers are only like $55 and can be turned into excellent shorts…top this off with a nice plaid, gingham, or chambray button-front shirt…and MAYBE…if it looks right on you…a small Greek fisherman’s or “Ringo Starr in a Hard Day’s Night-type” cap…and bam!…you’re looking MUCH better and haven’t gone to much trouble or spent much money. C’mon guys!

  9. Love ITTT!!!!! so fun in the sun!

  10. i think i have an obsession with polka dots–i love the polka dot bikini – red skirt pairing, and the polka dot romper with the huge floppy hat. fab! i just posted this adorable polka dot / stripe bikini on my blog, i think these girls would wear it!

  11. awesome photos here. im well impressed, mr newton

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