Lotta – Down By The Water – Stockholm

Sometimes I spot girls like Lotta when I’m walking down by the water in Stockholm…

Whenever I’m in Stockholm, I always try to spend as much time as possible down by the water…or out on the water…or swimming in the water. It’s quite nautical there – Stockholm city is spread out over 14 islands after all…with literally thousands more islands in the nearby Stockholm archipelago. When I was in town recently for Stockholm Fashion Week (late AUG/early SEPT 2012) my hotel room even had a ship’s cabin-like nautical feel – with lots of dark wood and round porthole-esque windows – a common design theme in Scandinavia. (In fact, forget about staying in a ship’s cabin-like space…when in Stockholm, you can book a room on an actual ship.)

One of my favorite things about the nautical feeling of Stockholm is that it’s largely a vintage nautical feeling – many of the boats are sailboats and/or wooden – so it’s quite different from the powerboats/yachts/sexed-up feeling that you find in places like Miami or parts of the Mediterranean. (Not that I don’t love that feeling as well!) Another of my favorite things about nautical Stockholm are the seasonal restaurants that pop-up each summer with views of the water and boats. My favorite of these by far is Nyfiken Gul – a charming yellow wooden shack completely free of tourists down in the woods on the shore of beautiful Lake Malaren. All seating is outdoors…they bring you salad, potatoes, drinks, high-quality raw meat/fish, and grilling utensils…then they fire up several outdoor gas grills…you take it from there. It’s communal and loads of fun – like a casually commercial version of a rooftop Brooklyn BBQ. I went 3 days in a row while I was in town! I can’t wait to go back… x


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