L’Orange Bleue

Hi – so the other day I’m walking down Broome Street and in the near distance I see this girl coming towards me…I can’t make out exactly what she’s wearing just yet, but it seems to involve bright colors and white sunglasses…neither of which am I a particularly huge fan of…BUT…she catches my eye so I stop on the corner of Broome and Crosby to wait for her, thinking I might shoot her photo. As she gets closer, I see the colors of her outfit…then I’m all, “wait orange and blue…hold on…I’m standing directly across from Cafe L’Orange Bleue right now!” “Excuse me, can I shoot your photo…and could you stand right here please?” haha (Yes – I am easily amused. Still though, what are the chances? I mean even if you stood there all day, what are the chances?? And no, she doesn’t work there.) xx



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