Just Coasting

Summer anthem much??

(P.S. – I’m usually a big fan of singles rather than albums…but in this case (Crazy for You – Best Coast) you should really buy the whole album…most of their songs sound the same…and I mean that as a compliment…the whole album is like one big hazy, sunny, distorted, fuzzy, pop dream…it’s great to listen to the whole thing straight thru.
P.P.S. – Have you ever gone to the beach and laid on your back with your head facing the water and done the upside down “the ocean is now the sky” thing that they do at the beginning of this video? It’s really freaky and cool…it’s like waves are breaking across the sky…I just did it a few days ago at Jones Beach…haha! Yes, I’m a dork. I don’t care – it’s summer and I’m having fun… xx)

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  1. I love how you feature music on here! Especially awesome music, haha.

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