Jazz Age Beach Party

With the massive Art Deco spires of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State looming just across the East River, I thought that the Long Island City waterfront was a very appropriate setting for the 1920’s-themed Dreamland Beach Party… xx

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  1. these are out of control amazing! who knew this even existed?!?!

  2. It looks like a cool party!

    – st├ęphane (luxe-et-vanites.blogspot.com)

  3. Fantastic…
    I wish I could see the dancing couple in action!

  4. Oh they were good – and the band was too!

  5. This is so fantastic. This is what my life looks like in my head.

  6. Love your blog! I’m always so excited when I see that you’ve posted! xo

  7. oh boy…..i’m jealous! looks like fun!

  8. Super cool outfits! Everybody look so happy!

  9. You were by far my favorite photographer of the day, Mr. Newton. The photos turned out great! Thanks for posting. Such a fun event!

  10. Jennifer! I’m glad you like the photos! You were seriously my favorite girl that I shot photos of that day. I love your smile and great personality – it comes through in the photos!

  11. Speechless! What a fabulous venue, as one reader said “This is what life looks like in my head” as well!


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