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Quick – if Courtney Love had a personal assistant, what do you think she would look like? A little grunge? A little glamour? A whole lotta Nineties inspiration? Maybe she might even look a bit like a younger version of Courtney herself? Well – you be the judge – here’s Courtney’s assistant Elena on the street near Courtney’s house aka the Mercer Hotel. xo

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  1. she almost is a younger courtney, but with younger touches like the floral leggings- love the sharp hair!

  2. so funky!

  3. I love this! Just fab. 🙂

    xoxo, Amanda
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  4. cute! they look like Betsey Johnson leggings

  5. and a lil bit bad ass too apparently. i love her winter white hair – i wonder if the color changes seasonally.

  6. What a playful outfit!

  7. she looks cool

  8. cute! they look like Betsey Johnson leggings

  9. she is stunning! i adore her ruffled anklet socks + red rose leggings!!

  10. My favorite thing here: Your post title. Excellent.

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