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Hi – if you know me, then you know that I never go anywhere without my wheels. “Wheels” in this case referring not to some fancy sports car or SUV, but rather to my rad 1960/70’s-era vintage bicycle. That’s my whip in the photo above in fact. (She was actually riding her own bike when I spotted her…but it wasn’t very cute…so I moved it out of the shot and gave her mine to ride instead.) Yeah it’s a girls bike – so what? I paid $70 for it at the Hester Street Flea – negotiated down from $120 which was already a bargain. Anywho, you may remember a few months back that I shot a street fashion story for Elle.com about chic city bike girls, yeah? Well I was not allowed to post those photos at the time for contractual reasons…but now I am allowed to post them…so here they are! Cute bike girls help to make New York feel like a magical land of chic European models, riding perhaps to their next casting or photoshoot…cars suddenly seem to be the province of aggressive fatheads at worst and unfashionable at best. xo

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  1. gorgeous pictures! for some reason looking at these makes me feel so summery & happy πŸ˜›

  2. oh goodness. bikes bikes bikes! nice collection!

  3. Love it Mr. N!! Great pics!

  4. Ahh I want to live in New York and have a bike too! These girls look so chic!

  5. All too cool to be wearing helmets, huh? Props to the single smart girl!

  6. hey! the pictures look beautiful as usual, but can you post the pictures of the girl jess that was in the video you posted. thanks.

  7. Riding in a dress (and cute ones, at that)? Badass to say the least!
    I love the girl with the Toto in the basket…very cute dress.

    Oh, how I wish summer would reappear…


  8. Ahhh i love to ride a bike around too πŸ˜‰
    Lovely pics also!!!!

  9. I really really want a bike now! With a little basket on the front… πŸ™‚

  10. I catch a lot of heat for riding a girl’s bike- nice to know im not alone!

  11. Bike Riders unite! Love it!

  12. Love these! So much more environmentally friendly and healthy. So sophisticated to see someone cycling in fashionable attire. I must say I don’t know how they do it wearing some of the shoe choices but I guess they manage;)
    Can anyone ID the leopard tote in the last bicycle basket? Love it!

  13. Oh my thanks for the post I love cute girls on bicycles!

  14. awesome post πŸ˜€
    found you via cyclelicious.us and a bike lover myself — love this!
    cheers from sf

  15. I love girls on bikes! and your blog, of course!

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