Hats Off To Lincoln Center!

Lincoln Center is such an awesome new venue for New York Fashion Week…after just one season it’s already one of my favorite places to shoot street style in the world. Lots more NYFW photos still to come from Lincoln Center and all around town!

Her jeans and heeled-oxfords worn without socks are cute…but here it’s all about her hair and her huge floppy hat and her high-necked linen blouse with the antique lace detail at the collar and cuffs. This all looks perfect together! It really suits her and looks quite natural as well.

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  1. Beautiful look, powerful hat and wearable jeans + shoes.

  2. The lace inserts on collar are the highlights of that blousy style and reminds of ancient years. The biba sun hat just completes the allover look. If you fancy to read a trend report about the hat-accessory development, just enter Biba sun hat in the searching tool on my site and it pops up.

  3. beautiful!! move over heidi klum!!

  4. Chapeau chic with a vintage flare. Eye catching look, love it!

  5. so beautiful and fresh! i have a girl crush right now

  6. I’m not a huge fan of the blouse, although I have to admit it is beautifully made. The silhouette of the outfit is great! She has absolutely beautiful hair and a gorgeous smile. The oxfords are stunning!


  7. My oh my!!! such a natural beauty under that floppy hat. Love to know what is in the bag.

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