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I always like to post my street fashion photos from the Louis Vuitton show all in one go. This is because – along with the Dior show – the Vuitton show is an EVENT. It’s always one of the very biggest events of Paris Fashion Week, which I attended earlier this month. As a singular event then, I think that street fashion photos shot there make sense all together – rather than doled out one-by-one over the course of several weeks. Here then are the editors, models, celebs, bloggers, fashion students and hangers-on that I spotted when Marc Jacobs brought his international traveling fashion circus to Paris! xo

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  1. Well he sure travels with a stylish group! I love that Marc himself is dressed in eternally stylish all black!

  2. great shots!! I love Hanneli’s skirt

  3. truly great images- louis sure does bring the best crowd! love your work

  4. words don’t really do these girls [and my beloved marc] justice! i could spend hours talking about each part that i loved.

    some of my favorite shots 🙂 …but i say that every time, don’t i?

  5. I love the profile,the blond wearing the hat. You do so many things with your shots to give them individuality. Just one more thing that makes me love your work.

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