Day 4 – NYFW

My favorite stylish girls from among Sunday’s attendees at NYFW…xo

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  1. second to last one is brilliant

  2. i love these outfits! x

  3. Omg, that first one! Perfect. Who is she? And where did she get those rings???

  4. I love the 5th photo, of the woman with the black frames and the camera casually slung around her wrist. The looseness of her look seems to reflect certain easiness to her personality.

  5. Hi Sylvie – the first girl is Nike – a model friend of mine visiting from Sweden. She’s amazing, huh?

  6. The first girls name is Nike Felldin. Her ring comes from Swedish brand Rodebjer, as does her coat.

  7. the girl in the herve leger dress, bare legs, and sandals? really?? she looks a bit out of the loop to me….

  8. Hi Jess – The girl in the Herve dress, bare legs, and sandals is a bit out of the loop. But she’s also really cute. My blog is not really a fashion blog – despite the fact that it may appear that way, especially during fashion month – it’s more of a “cute girls I saw while walking around today” blog.
    One way to make it on my blog is to have an unerring sense of style…but that’s certainly not the only thing I look for. I love gals who dress impeccably…but featuring ONLY that gets monotonous very quickly.

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