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Hi there – I hope that all of you (who live in the northern hemisphere) have been having a wonderful summer and that you’ve been getting outdoors lots! Friends that I’ve been chatting with just this week have been telling me about bands playing in barns in upstate New York, lake trips in Germany, and swimming in the sea near Stockholm. I dream of doing all of that! When I’m in the city though, I still take advantage of the fantastic weather and take one of my vintage bikes out for a spin as often as possible. I have two bikes – a blue one and a white one, both single-speed models with coaster brakes from the 1960’s. I live near the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn and biking is my primary mode of transportation into the city year-round…but in the summer it’s just plain fun! City biking has very recently seen a surge of popularity among the chic set in New York…and I actually think that style blogs have been a big contributing factor to this micro-trend. After all, who that regularly visits bike-friendly style blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic, The Sartorialist, or Dam Style hasn’t thought about copping this eco-friendly and Euro-centric “look” for themselves? All of which brings me to my point – I’ve just shot a new street fashion story for about chic city bike girls! I’m not allowed to post the photos here at Mr. Newton, but you can see all 15 photos over on their site by clicking here… xx

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  1. I wish I was able to bring my bike with me when I move to NYC in December… But poor little Errol Flynn will have to stay here in Sydney I think.

  2. Rachel – I love that you’ve named your bike “Errol Flynn” haha! Yes though, I think it’s best not to ship him all the way from Sydney to New York – better to just buy one here next spring.

  3. I just got a bike a couple of days ago. A cute little beach crusier I love her. I want to get a smaller one like the one featured above so I can bike around the city. Bikes are awesome.


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