Cool As Ice

Some cool kids I spotted yesterday on Rivington Street…


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  1. its a pity that Im no longer a kid

  2. I like, very nice…

  3. Ice! That thing he is holding is gold!

  4. For those of you who don’t live in the States…this “ice” logo is a typical one you will see on a bag of ice at the grocery store here…or you might see it on the outside of a freezer that contains bags of ice.

    This guy is a badass! Seriously. Walking around the Lower East Side on a sweltering day…one arm around some hot babe…the other hand holding a boombox that is playing music…with a hand-painted “Ice” logo that he did himself. It’s people like him that are keeping the downtown punk/artist spirit of New York alive. I mean he probably had to stop at the Dominican deli for loosie cigarettes…and batteries.

  5. Yes – this is Brian from that video. I don’t really care for that video though…or Gawker for that matter. They are pretty much making fun of Nolita…and the people who live/hang out there. Gawker is far too snarky and negative for my taste. Nolita is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. What’s funny about that? Gawker reads like the daytime revenge blog of people who couldn’t get into the club the night before.

  6. cool cool cool!

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