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Near the Café de la Paix – Paris

No Half Steppin’ – Tuileries, Paris

Some people say that the half-shaved look is played. I would like to offer these people this humble (and by “humble” I mean smokin’ hot) rejoinder. x

Sabrina + Anna – Tuileries, Paris

The next time someone asks, “So, what’s your blog about?” I think I’m just going to show them this photo…

Mr. Newton In Paris – October, 2012

Hi – so many photos from Fashion Month to show you guys! Well, actually it was more than one month for me because I did Stockholm Fashion Week just before New York…so I have tons of awesome street style to post from Stockholm, New York, London, Milan, and Paris!

I thought I’d kick things off with a photo of me – hehe. That’s me above wearing my authentic “bleu de travail” aka my authentic French work jacket aka “une veste de la Cunningham“. Jacket purchased in Paris, July 2012…photo shot in Paris, October 2012. More soon… x

One Day We’re Going To Live In Paris

Hi – I’ve just returned to NYC yesterday from a month in Paris – it seriously looked almost exactly like this video – except with less macaroons and I didn’t ask a French boy for directions and then go for coffee afterwards. But other than that, yeah almost exactly like this!

(P.S. – How much do you love this video?? It should be the official video for the Parisian Tourism Board – or something like that. The track is great (I used to play it when I DJed)…but the video is beyond great. And you must watch the whole thing…from beginning to end. How did they film the last couple of minutes? Did they rent a helicopter at sunset?? Stunning.)

Motorcycle Girl – Paris

Scooter Girl – Paris

At Gaultier Couture – Paris

Citizen Soldier – Paris