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precious metals at the louvre – paris

I always love shooting @hegeaurelie!

at the guy bourdin exhibit – bon marche, paris

From the Mr. Newton archive…a Guy Bourdin print in the window of Le Bon Marche, Paris…a car parked on the street and the building across the street are reflecting in the window…shot on 10.9.09 when I took a break from shooting at Paris Fashion Week and spent the afternoon at the Bourdin photo and film exhibit.

I often like to take photos of photos…just for fun…but it’s rare that I feel like I’ve added anything to the (usually already amazing) photos…I was kind of excited about how this one turned out though! x

white + white – paris

Visions Of Street Style – Paris

As a longtime t-shirt and sweatshirt collector, I’m a big fan of the current logo trend. In particular, I’ve always loved a jet black tee or sweat with a bold white logo – chic, casual, edgy, and undeniably graphically appealing all at the same time. I spotted @officialjdunn in Paris on 9.26.13…

Elena – Place Vendôme – Paris

Chignon Nouveau

Spotted on the street in Paris – March twenty thirteen – the cool French girl hairstyle of the moment is a soft, loose bun piled directly on top of the head. I spied boho babes rocking this look all over town – from the Buttes-Chaumont to the Champs-Élysées. This look has its roots (hehe) in a top-of-head chignon…but what you’re going for here is more hipster than haute, more backstage-with-the-band than “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. Forget formality – the key is to make it as soft and loose as possible. If it takes you more than 3 mins. you’re probably doing it wrong. Parisiennes are known for making magic with nothing more than a great pair of jeans, a top, a biker jacket, and a single tube of lipstick. The way they do this is…uhh…I don’t know how they do this – and you don’t either. But I do know that if your hair is of sufficient length, you can start to get your fake French on with this hairstyle – sexy nerd glasses optional.

This Is Paris

Mr. Newton at Paris Fashion Week – March 2013. xx

Bar du Marché – Paris

Bardot-esque – at Chanel, Paris

A baby Bardot…spotted with her mom at the Chanel show in Paris on 3.5.13…