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at the gilt x mr. newton pre-nyfw event

New clothes…champers…macarons…manicures…selfies…instant photos…social media – my pre-NYFW kick-off event that I hosted with Gilt on 1.30.14 was like a microcosm of Fashion Week itself! We gathered together some of our very favorite bloggers and editors – you know, people like @troprouge + @natalieoffduty + @racheletnicole + @brooklynblonde1 + @apneetgrewall + @nikkiogun from + @laurelpinson from stylecaster + @elanafishman from – people like that. The girls tried on clothes and shoes from Gilt’s most recent private label collections, I snapped photos, and you can read more about it here if you want! xo

is it still street style if you shoot it indoors?

Is it still street style if you shoot it indoors? If you’re in New York at the moment…or have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for NYFW from afar…then you’ll understand why I’m asking this question. It’s early days yet (NYFW officially starts tomorrow), but it’s looking like we may be in for a cold and messy start to fashion month. Good thing then that there are always lots of amazingly stylish parties and events to go to – indoors! Not to mention that all of the runway shows will be indoors. But who cares about the runway because STREET STYLE!! (I’m kidding! Sort of.) Anyway, the show(s) must go on…and whatever the weather, I’m sure you’ll see me out there snapping away! x

(PS – I shot these photos at one of my favorite parties last season at NYFW – the Bloglovin’/Lyst/Who What Wear/DWNLD Media party at Soho House on 9.7.13.)

Family Jewels

Hey – I had a blast last night doing a photo booth at the Van Cleef & Arpels boutique in New York! In case you’ve been living under a very unfashionable rock, it was Fashion’s Night Out last night and stuff. What did you guys do?? Was it fun? Did I miss good stuff? So here are some of my fave snaps from our photo booth – thanks so much to everyone who came out and to everyone at Van Cleef & Arpels for having me! xo Mr. Newton

When The Heat Meets The Street

When you make your living on the streets of a city, you can’t help but keep a close eye on the weather and the many moods of Mother Nature…and so far it’s been a doozy of a summer in New York…Biblical torrents of rain…long dry spells…an earthquake(!)…and in late July, a good old-fashioned New York summer heatwave. For some reason though – when insanely hot weather hits – I get excited and can’t wait to be out and about. Instead of sitting by the air conditioner or taking off for the beach, I grab my camera and hit the street. One thing that I like about a heatwave is that it makes New York feel more like old-school New York – the New York of Taxi Driver, The Warriors, and Summer of Sam…back when urban summer worries were more of the blackout/riot variety…rather than the I-hope-the-line-at-Starbucks-isn’t-too-long-because-I-could-really-do-with-a-Trenta-iced-skim-decaf variety.
Another thing that I like about a heatwave was probably best summed up by The Fresh Prince on the track “Summertime” when he said, “The weather is hot and girls are dressing less…” Even though he’s from West Philly (approx. 95 miles away), I think he seemed to have a clear understanding of the appeal of summer in the city!
Anyway – here are my 50 favorite street style looks from the heatwave in New York City – all shot by me over the course of 3 consecutive days – July 21st (97 degrees), 22nd (104 degrees), and 23rd (100 degrees) – summer twenty eleven. I’m heading out now to pop a water plug just for old times sake… xo

Neoprene Dream

Spotted at Partners & Spade – who says you can’t still look fashionable while attending a packed-to-the-gills-and-sweaty summer opening at a fake surf shop in Noho? x

Partners & Newton

Hey – I was out last night on Great Jones Street and these kids were too. We were at Partners & Spade for The Eighties At Echo Beach book launch party. It was also the launch event for the latest hey-is-this-a-gallery-or-is-this-a-store-or-both-or-neither revamp of the Partners & Spade space…you gotta check it out if you have a chance…it looks (sort of) like an 80′s southern California surf shop up in there now…perfect for summer! xo

Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution

Hi everyone – join me at Evolving Influence/IFB Conference on Feb. 10th and at the Blog Lovin’ Awards on Feb. 13th! I’ll be moderating the first panel of the day at the conference and hanging with friends at the awards show. Here’s more…
As some of you may know, I’ve been shooting street style and posting the photos online since 2005. At first, I was just sharing the photos with friends and a few people in the industry – I still made most of my money DJing runway shows and various parties. Since mid-2007 however, style blogging has been my full-time job. (Prior to launching Mr. Newton in the late summer of 2009, I was the photographer and blogger at Stylesightings.) During this time, I’ve watched fashion blogging grow from a cute-n-precocious child (who people got a kick out of, but didn’t really take seriously) up into a are-you-available-on-Wednesday-for-a-meeting young adult. Because no one enjoys bloggin’ for a livin’ more than me, no one is happier than me about this transformation from cute hobby to “I think I need to get an agent/intern”.
All of which is really just a ’round about way of saying, “Wow fashion blogging! It’s pretty cool, huh?” Now it’s even got its own industry conference AND awards show! (Well, the industry conference has been going on for a few seasons now – but the awards show is brand-new.) I’m super excited for both Evolving Influence – aka the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference – and for the Blog Lovin’ Awards. They’re both being held in New York (of course) during NYFW. How about you?? Do you have your ticket yet for the IFB conference? Or are you watching it via live stream? Have you cast your votes yet for the awards?? Better get on it – this revolution is not going to wait! xx Mr. Newton

Sexy Devils

Hi – these photos were shot over the course of two nights – 10/30 and 10/31 – at The Standard (The Boom Boom Room and Le Bain), the Tribeca Grand Hotel, Kenmare, and on the streets of New York City…it’s Halloween 2010, Mr. Newton style! xx

Fashion’s Night Louts

Hey – so here are my photos from Fashion’s Night Out. I started off at the beyond cute Opening Ceremony “Parisian flea market” at the Ace Hotel…then wound my way on my bike toward the Meatpacking District for the Helmut Lang party (with DJs Harley VN and Cassie and photos by thecobrasnake) and then the Refinery 29/DVF bash at the DVF store. I had…fun? Umm, sort of…but not really. I think FNO is generally a great idea (on paper at least)…and it has become hugely popular in a short span of time…but there’s no denying that this year’s version felt decidedly like a messy New Year’s Eve – or perhaps Halloween with better costumes. The Meatpacking District in particular added new depth to the meaning of the phrase “shit show”. It’s been a really awesome season at New York Fashion Week so far…but FNO would not rank anywhere near the top of my list of highlights. What did you guys think about FNO? How was it in your city? I seriously want to know. xx Mr. Newton