Call Me Maybe

On W. 22nd Street yesterday…

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  1. Oh, Karlie!

  2. Omg I so want that phone! lol too cute!

  3. Great photo. But, is that phone chord coming out of…her…uh…back?

  4. Wow, Mr. Newton, you do great photos of GORGEOUS girls!!!!!!!!
    Following your blog, your street style photos are amazing!

  5. @ToddColby – haha – she had her phone in her back pocket – and she was really talking on it when I shot this – not staged! 🙂

    @vanda – Thank you!!!

  6. I am not a fan of these handsets, but from Karlie 😉 Cool photo!

  7. Best thing I have seen for ages! Makes a tech gadget look so fashionably irresistable.



  8. Love the jeans !! (:

  9. Amazing picture!!

    Love the idea that she was just carrying this about as her phone hilar!!

    Stalkmystyle x

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