Afternoon Delight

I have been wanting to shoot Liz’s photo for ages. I’d never emailed her or attempted to contact her to set something up – I prefer for things to be impromptu whenever possible. Secretly though, she was on my short list of “beautiful girls with great style whose photos I must shoot at some point”. I finally got my chance when I bumped into her recently in New York. xo

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  1. Cool. I wish I had seen you that day!

    Thanks for the mulitple follows on Twitter. 😉

  2. Great outfit with the new on-trend skirt length, on top with the pliseé effect. The overall look is totally exaggerated by material and texture mix, but that is the reason why the outfit is just gorgous.

  3. Crazy cute I love it!! soo adorable!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  4. afternoon delight?
    get your mind outta the gutter man!

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