Afternoon Delight – Pt. 1

You know it’s summer in New York when the Pool Parties return to the waterfront in Williamsburg. I shot these photos there yesterday during the first show of the season…and you can expect to find me there pretty much every Sunday for the rest of the summer…Cut Copy 8/8!…Chromeo 8/22!…Roberta’s pizza all summer long! More photos tomorrow… xx

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  1. Love all these shots, especially the first…the punch of turquoise with white is awesome!


  2. OMG I need those yellow shorts! Do you know where she got them from?


  4. aww…I heart Karley Slutever…

    Hi Kim – she said those shorts are vintage cheerleader/majorette/marching band/batton twirler shorts…would probably be hard to just stumble across those in a thrift store…BUT…if you check around…there is likely some online school uniform source that will have something just like that…might not be a normal store…like they might normally sell only in bulk/wholesale or something…but if you want them, you should get their 800 number and call them and beg. I love the challenge of finding something to wear that other people will not have! Good luck!

  5. my favorite summer style trend this year are these HATS. whats yours?

  6. I know the girl in the yellow shorts! Small world.
    Love the turbans I wish I knew how to tie better ones of my own.

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