Hi - I'm Mr. Newton and this is my blog.

Thanks for stopping by! I take things like photography and fashion and food and music and travel very seriously – yet my Southern roots keep me grounded. I love living in New York but my favorite city to visit is London. Here’s a bit more about me…

I’m from North Carolina originally…I finished law school but never practiced law…I’ve lived in New York for 18 years now…first job in New York was interning for Nasty Little Man, the Beastie Boys management and P.R. company…was then a producer of fashion and celebrity photo shoots for 2 years…worked on shoots with everyone from Meisel for Vanity Fair to Diddy’s album packaging…started DJing fashion shows in Bryant Park and off-site for clients like Nicole Miller and Rebecca Taylor and lots of shows for producer Kelly Cutrone…started shooting photos of the models and backstage for fun during runway rehearsals…had sort of always been interested in doing something with photography – especially because I saw so many great photos during the 2 years that I was producing shoots – my time producing shoots definitely heightened my romantic notions about photography and fashion and NYC and Paris, etc…got bored with DJing and staying out all night…2004/2005 started shooting more seriously…both daytime street fashion and at fashion parties like MisShapes in New York and Trash in London. Mostly shoot daytime street style these days although I still definitely approach things from a scene perspective – I like shooting the cool kids in New York/London/Paris/Tokyo.

Mr. Newton says – “I think the best street style photography has a sort of reportage quality about it…you are blurring the lines between fashion photography and travel photography and photo journalism…and through the use of natural light and interesting contextual backgrounds, hopefully capturing not just a snap of a cute outfit but a real sense of time and place and mood. I definitely look for all of this and think about all of this when I’m out shooting. That said, sometimes I just like to shoot photos of cute hipsters. Accessible but aspirational is often what I’m going for – the cool girls and styling assistants who mix Alexander Wang with vintage with Topshop with something they made themselves – the girls who realize that the glue that pulls an outfit together is often just confidence and attitude.”

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