A Hottie On Howard Street

Sort of like A Nightmare On Elm Street…except much much cuter… xx

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  1. Great style….with an attitude…any ideas what’s this bag she’s carrying?

  2. Hi lafashionelle – sorry I don’t know who makes her bag. I’m glad you like her though!

  3. Great style!

  4. Those teeth. Those teeth, those teeth.

    (would it kill her to close her mouth, it’s not attitude it’s a dental problem)

  5. Yes…but it’s a hot dental problem.

    I love Euro/snaggle/Bardot teeth…as long as you’re young and your face is pretty it can be an attractive flaw. A sexy imperfection…

  6. I think she’s hot, imperfections and all. 🙂

  7. I think she’s very attractive and sexy. The bag is from Vialis, a very famous shop in Barcelona, Spain.

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