A Chanel Mystery

A mystery girl at the Chanel show. You certainly do see some amazing things in Paris


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  1. Love it!
    Tick all the right spots for me – long skirt, hat, tailored coat.

  2. I like your blog, ive linked to your blog in my blog.

  3. Wow beautiful!

  4. this is fantastic! she looks like she’s about to pop open an umbrella and fly away to help some stylish young kids and some chimney sweeps mind their manners.

  5. It seems so out-of-place but so great!
    Love people taking risks.
    Fashion should be fun!

  6. Hi Nora and Tulipa – yes I totally agree with both of your comments! She did look so out of place but so great! I see people fairly often at runway shows, etc. who obviously are making a bit of an extreme fashion statement…generally I think they are just seeking attention and campaigning to have their photo taken. I don’t mind if someone is campaigning to have their photo taken as long as they look great! Often these campaigners just look like fashion clowns however and I try never to shoot someone’s photo just because they look different – they need to look different AND stylish. She looks amazing! (And she wasn’t campaigning to have her photo taken either – she was trying to avoid the cameras.) Thanks for your comments! xx

  7. she looks like shes about to film a scene for My Fair Lady…stunning

  8. So stunning! Everything here just WORKS.

  9. Caught just in the right moment! Beautiful…

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