California Gurl

Haute hippie Shannon on the street in Tribeca wearing J Brand bell bottoms and a cool chain headband that she made herself. She’s a West Coast transplant…looks to me like you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl! xo


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Totally Bummed Out

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw this cheeky co-ed cutie on the NYU campus this week…

Shorts have been getting progressively shorter for a little while now (thank you Mr. Charney!), until finally this summer I have seen multiple girls wearing shorts so short that well, the fabric ends before their butt does. (In addition to partially exposed rear ends, the other wing of this trend is girls who seem to be walking around wearing nothing but a shirt and shoes – they are generally wearing shorts as well, but they are so short that they don’t extend far enough to actually be seen by the naked eye.) I happen to think that this look – the partially exposed bum cheeks look, I mean – is totally cute and mostly innocent – not trashy. It helps though if you have – as here – a fairly small bum and an overall fresh-faced ponytailed naivety…or you should at least be able to fake this innocent vibe convincingly. The more junk you have in the trunk with a full face of makeup and kitten heels…well, this look can quickly slide from “a young Demi Moore” into “Season 2 of Jersey Shore“. I’m just sayin’.
So what do you guys think about this look? Would you/do you wear shorts this short? Are you “cheeky” enough to pull this off while still looking like a semi-innocent cutie? xx Mr. Newton

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The Love Blondes


On Mercer Street near Gourmet Garage recently…I was getting lemonade on a hot day…they reminded me of this cool song from the 80’s called “Love Blonde”…it goes, “Something’s comin’ down the street…she’s got that sensuality”…

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