When The Heat Meets The Street

When you make your living on the streets of a city, you can’t help but keep a close eye on the weather and the many moods of Mother Nature…and so far it’s been a doozy of a summer in New York…Biblical torrents of rain…long dry spells…an earthquake(!)…and in late July, a good old-fashioned New York summer heatwave. For some reason though – when insanely hot weather hits – I get excited and can’t wait to be out and about. Instead of sitting by the air conditioner or taking off for the beach, I grab my camera and hit the street. One thing that I like about a heatwave is that it makes New York feel more like old-school New York – the New York of Taxi Driver, The Warriors, and Summer of Sam…back when urban summer worries were more of the blackout/riot variety…rather than the I-hope-the-line-at-Starbucks-isn’t-too-long-because-I-could-really-do-with-a-Trenta-iced-skim-decaf variety.
Another thing that I like about a heatwave was probably best summed up by The Fresh Prince on the track “Summertime” when he said, “The weather is hot and girls are dressing less…” Even though he’s from West Philly (approx. 95 miles away), I think he seemed to have a clear understanding of the appeal of summer in the city!
Anyway – here are my 50 favorite street style looks from the heatwave in New York City – all shot by me over the course of 3 consecutive days – July 21st (97 degrees), 22nd (104 degrees), and 23rd (100 degrees) – summer twenty eleven. I’m heading out now to pop a water plug just for old times sake… xo

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  1. This set is a wonderful ode to summer! And, your comments about the weather are right on. Hot weather seems to set everyone’s creativity free, too, which makes for really good street shooting.

    The Styleseer

  2. I left NYC for a reason, but your photography always manages to make me miss it so so much. I love how summer in the City forces people to dress accordingly. There is no hopping from one air-conditioned box to another in an attempt to never break a sweat! People in NYC can look great but so realistic in the summer time, with outfits bordering on beach wear and sweater brows. Heat can be a great equalizer. Thank you so much for sharing these and bringing back some memories!

    <3 Cristina


  3. Sweaty brows* I should really proof before hitting that submit button!

  4. I totally agree with you about the hot weather. I live in Madrid and on hot days (which is practically all summer) I love to sit at outdoor cafes and people watch. Love the pictures…there’s some great inspiration here!

  5. gorgeous outfits!!!

  6. I believe the last lady was on America’s Next Top Model! Celia, I think?
    All these outfits are gorgeous.

  7. nice girls… 😉

  8. There’s no fashion like street fashion!

  9. Spectacular! I actually really like the night shots where you used flash. It’s something different and the girls are gorgeous.

  10. @Georgina – yes that’s Celia!

    @Cristina, @aparna, @Louise – I’m really glad you like the photos/outfits! I enjoyed reading your comments. x

    @Jessie – yes! As you can see here, I’m quite the fan of maxi-dresses and denim cut-offs as well! Especially denim cut-offs…the ones the first girl is wearing look perfect on her.

    @Amy – yes – street style at night, def something different! During the summer in NYC, people are out and about practically 24/7 (unless there is an earthquake…or a hurricane)…and I was getting sad putting the camera up at 9pm and then still seeing amazing girls to shoot for hours after that…so I decided to break out the flash!

  11. what happened to the pics from london/brick lane?

  12. Wow, I love the second photo with the hydrant in the background … it just completely catches the essence of a hot summer day.


  13. Anyone know who makes the sunglasses on the beautiful blonde in the blue dress? (And perhaps the same woman in the red dress at the bottom?) I’ve been looking for a pair like that for a while.

  14. lovely photos, but the lady in the high-waisted acid wash denim shorts with the “droopy” black swimsuit top? really??

  15. Love this! My favorites are 1)the girl sticking out her tongue (unexpected), 2)the blonde with the one shoulder black top (beautiful), and 3)the girl in front of the fire hydrant (perfect setting). I am always impressed with people who can maintain their great style in this heat!

    – Meredith

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