Morning In Brooklyn

I spotted this cutie near the waterfront in Williamsburg on Sunday. Isn’t this just the perfect outfit for a spring morning? One of those mornings where it’s so sunny that you find yourself singing some song as you walk along…and then you get coffee…and maybe go to the farmer’s market…or check out a cute flea market. We’re never very far from the waterfront here in the ‘burg though, so our sunny spring mornings can come with a slightly chilly breeze – she’s got that covered with her knitted shawl/cape thingy. Also – I’m bananas for her casually-knotted oversized t-shirt paired with a long sheer skirt – this combo is definitely one of my fave looks for S/S 2011. Her tee is especially pitch-perfect, what with its bicycle print and casually ripped elegance. 10 out of 10 on the chapeau too! xo

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  1. I totally agree with you. it´s simply perfect!


  2. this is gorgeous! love her cape and skirt.

  3. Totally fab. Looks kinda like Juliet Joslin, no?

  4. Great smile. And I’m always a fan of the backward glance. The close-up is lovely.

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