Citizen Soldier – Paris

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  1. This has brightened up my Tuesday morning. The playful nature of the bag balances out the possible harshness of the boots and necklace. Gorgeous and quirky!

  2. Miroslava Duma! Really like how her cropped jacket fits the feel of her choker necklace with everything feeling so, I don’t know, “high up” there. She pulls off her thigh high boots very sophisticatedly too, without looking like a hooker!

  3. Ohhhhhhh!!!! Miroslava is the best!!! look the bag! look the jacket! look the dress!! All is special!!

  4. Miroslava Duma just keeps upping the ante with her style! I did a double take on the photo above this (in the denim “Canadian tuxedo” outside Gaultier). She’s such a fascinating one to watch.


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