Winter On The Plains

Here’s Jordana traversing the western plains of Williamsburg in her Navajo-print coat…

There’s something about winter that always has me thinking of the West…of camping outdoors in the snow with a roaring fire and heavy wool blankets and maybe a sled dog or wolf pup to keep me company…not that I’ve ever really done anything like this…but I think about it. There’s something about snow and wind and barren trees that always seems to bring out my inner Jeremiah Johnson. (And let’s face it – imagining winter this way is a heck of a lot more romantic than the reality of slogging through NYC’s piles of black/brown/yellow snow sludge and overflowing trash cans, no?) While girls can look great actually wearing Western and Navajo prints, my season-driven obsession with these motifs tends to be confined to collecting vintage blankets and quilts. As the best vintage blankets can be quite expensive, I also sometimes have my eye on new versions – but with new blankets I only like Pendleton. Their sold-out Yakima Camp Blanket in Granite looks awesome – totally searching for that and will def buy it if I find it! xx Mr. Newton

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  1. looooove that coat!

    and I like your idea of winter…

  2. Love the coat! The colors and the shape are perfect!

  3. love her jacket! so pretty!

  4. The coat is amazing! really pops out ! 😉

  5. She’s so pretty!

  6. Ahhh, I’m really liking this girl’s style! I want to see if I can work a pattern like this!


    La Copine


  7. where did she ever find such a beautiful coat??? if i cant find any before winter is over, im going to Gander Mountain & buying my own blanket to sew my own damn coat!

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