White Is The New Blue

I spotted Naz on Spring Street in Soho…

Is seeing too many pairs of standard-issue denim cut-offs this spring giving you the blues? Do you like to dress different from (i.e., better than) your “friends” such that they sort of start to hate on you but secretly want to be you? Then why not mix it up with a white pair? They look amazing when paired with the perfect thin white tee from Al Wang or The Row or even American Apparel – Mr. Newton is not a snob. What’s really cool about this little monochromatic script flip though is that it takes denim cut-offs out of their West Coast/vintage/L.A./music festival comfort zone, and moves them in a decidedly more New York/urban/off-duty model direction. And really, who doesn’t want to look like an off-duty model?

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  1. This woman is definitely a sexy young version of Helena Bonham Carter, and I love it!

  2. ohh, i love this! her hair is gorgeous!

  3. tim burton, where are you?
    great picture!!

    xoxo from france

  4. Agreed. Waay too many denim cutoffs around these days. I’m very ready for something a LOT more innovative in the shorts arena.

  5. I freaking love this.
    And cut-offs will never die. Perfect west coast, laid back, have-a-glass-of-OJ-on-the-rocks feeling.
    Her aura kind of makes her seem like you woke her up and now she’s pissed, and it’s great!

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