Where’s The Pool?

Hi everyone – it’s Monday afternoon here at the Mr. Newton HQ – I’m recovering from a really fun weekend – editing some photos – and as fall is rapidly approaching, I’m trying to get some other work done too – it’s a multi-tasking sort of day! In the summer, it’s always really tempting to be out and about shooting photos and having fun…but it’s really difficult to actually make myself sit down and edit all of these photos…because it’s super nice out…and I want to be out shooting and stuff, not sitting indoors staring at a computer screen. So I go out and I shoot more photos…which gives me even more stuff to edit haha…and well, on it goes. Here then are my photos from the Jelly NYC Pool Party on 8.15.10. I was shooting there yesterday as well during the final show of the season – those photos coming soon!


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