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Hey – I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend – well, if you are reading this in the States at least! Otherwise I hope you had a nice regular weekend…or bank holiday…or something like that. I went to a dance party and BBQ on my friend’s roof in the ‘burg with an awesome view of the Empire State and Chrysler bldgs (the real twin towers)…DJed for a bit at the peak of the party (playing Ladyhawke, CSS, Empire of the Sun, Daft Punk, and LCD – the hits!)…ate two hamburgers…then we rode bikes to Manhattan at 4am and went to Wo Hop in Chinatown (a 1950’s era Chinese diner in a basement that’s open pretty much 24/7)…just normal stuff like that…a pretty standard Mr. Newton weekend. Earlier in the weekend I had attended the Weardrobe Fashion Blogger Conference at the posh Gramercy Park Hotel. I was a guest lecturer (not really) at the weekend long event where Weardrobe and sponsors like Buffalo Exchange flew in 19 top female fashion bloggers for a weekend of workshops, NYC shopping, and photo-ops. My lovely friend Jessica and the kids from Weardrobe were nice enough to invite me down to shoot everyone’s photo…so if you saw a guy walking around Gramercy Park with 19 cute girls in tow, umm that was me…briefly anyway. It was apparently enough of a scene to get us kicked out of Gramercy Park itself not once but twice! I mean really, who gets kicked out of a park? Photos below…xx Mr. Newton


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  1. Well hello Mr. Newton! Thank you SO much for giving us the chance to shoot with you. It was an amazing experience that kicked off the weekend to a great start. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Ooooh! I really dig the shots! Everything came out great and the ladies look lovely!

  3. Eddie!! These photos turned out so beautifully!!! I love them! Great to see you and work with you, as always 😉

  4. i’m so glad your blog is now in full effect! the internet has missed you so!!!!

    oh, and gorgeous photos, as always.


  5. Beautiful photos, it’s too bad you were kicked out of Gramercy though! I’ve loved reading everyone’s account of how the conference went, and the pictures make it look all so fun!

  6. Great photos! It looks like so much funnn 🙂

  7. I followed all of their blogs throughout the weekend and it was so much fun to read! These pictures turned out sooooo well – I can’t wait to see what other beautiful pictures you post on here!

  8. congrats pumpkin, it looks fantastic!

  9. Hey Eddie, thank you so much for photographing us. We had a lot of fun running around the city/getting yelled at with you!

  10. Great pictures! I followed the Weardrobe conference via the “gals,” respective blogs. Good stuff. Too bad whoever organized the conference (possibly not a true-blood Manhattanite) did not know that Gramercy Park is a private park for the residents of that neighborhood and you must have a key to enter.
    Regardless, you all seem to have had a fantastic time! I like your new site!

  11. i love all of the outfits but id have to say my favorite is the girl in the blue dress with the ruffled v-neck line, the black belt and heeled sandals.

  12. hey eddie! thanks for working with us and shooting such beautiful shots 🙂 can’t wait to see you around town!

  13. I love love LOVE that last shot with all the ladies jumping. Fabulous shot.


  14. the glamourai is my favorite!

    check out leblogdegleopatra.blogspot.com

  15. Amazing photographs! Can’t wait to see more posts.


  16. This is so great that they organized such a gathering to bring online into reality … it is so great that you are starting the blog – can not wait to see what else are coming up :-))!!!

  17. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!! I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave encouragement here.

    To all the girls who took part in the Weardrobe shoot – thanks so much for working with me. You were all cool and fun to shoot. I hope I wasn’t too bossy!


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