The Vajazzling

I love bedazzling as much as the next person – bags, jackets, sweaters, jeans. I’m a fan of some well-chosen and tasteful bling. Someone always has to take things too far though, don’t they?

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  1. I’m just wondering, WHAT’S NEXT?

    In some way it looks creepy for me. It would be interesting to hear men opinion about this new trend…:) Any men here?

  2. This is ridiculous! First, the trend of looking like a child (no pubic hair) which just reinforces our youth obsessed culture, but let’s throw in some conspicuous consumption…very classy!!! Plus they are not anywhere near the vagina, please, when she said vagina I thought this is going to be tricky getting those things to stick near the vagina. And JLH announcing hers on TV. OMG has she no self respect?

  3. umm… I like a groomed bikini, make no mistake, but this looks stupid. really stupid. A teensy bit of groomed hair looks best, imo, on most people, and the jewels? no way! The human body looks way better without that tacky sh*t on it! I’d never do it. I don’t think either of these looks (hairless, bedazzled) flatter this spokesperson either, which maybe isn’t nice to say, but she put it out there.

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