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We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous but blazing hot weather so far this summer in New York…and although summer is just getting started properly, I’ve wasted no time and have already been going to the beach and to outdoor concerts and all sorts of fun stuff. Some days – when it’s stinking hot – I’ll sit inside with the AC on blast and edit photos and work on the computer. Late in the afternoon though, I like to head out with my camera and take a walk down Bedford Avenue near my apartment in Williamsburg. Bedford is only a few blocks from the water…and often we will get a breeze and a great sunset and some great light for photos. I met Alma on Bedford on a recent late afternoon. Isn’t she adorable?? xx

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  1. Her scalloped shorts are a dream.

  2. Yeah those shorts rule – they are from The Kooples – one of my favorite new French brands.

    Hey Blink London – you left the 1,000th comment on Mr. Newton! Wow – I feel like you should win a prize for this or something! haha xo

  3. Lovely shorts!!!

  4. Yes, she looks fabulous! Perfect!

  5. Yes adorable! Beautiful photos!

  6. love her loose style! And her black shorts are amazing!

  7. everything about her is adorable! i am loving head scarves in all shapes and sizes for summer. Thank you for your comments too! I’m still pretty new to this blogging thing, and they are definitely encouraging 🙂

  8. i love alma, gorgeous girl, great blog.
    this is a beautiful shot of her, perfect light.

  9. Great look!
    Love her style, hair… just everything!

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