The Cheap Guide To Stockholm


Hi there – Mr. Newton (that’s me) was backstage at the Cheap Monday runway show in Stockholm the other night. Not content to be one of the biggest Swedish fashion brands worldwide, they also have a massive local following. They had every hipster, fashion student, and skinny jeans advocate from Soder to Sofo walking a mile through the snow from the nearest metro to reach the fairly remote site – a cruise ship terminal. (You can see a cool satellite photo of the location here.) Later on we headed back to Sofo for a smallish friends-and-fam party the brand threw in a loft on Asogatan. Peep this…







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  1. How do you get to do these things? Go to Stockholm and go backstage at fashion shows? Can I be your intern? 🙂

  2. who is the girl with the red lipstick (last pic)?

  3. Emma Veronica Johansson

  4. Yeah that’s my model friend Emma – love her style!

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