The Bryant Park Street Style Approach

1. hey
3. would you mind if I take
4. your photo?
(That’s pretty much how we do it here at Mr. Newton! xx)

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  1. Hahaha I feel like at Fashion Week you don’t need to ask to take someone’s picture… or at least that’s how it seems with people like Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. Craig Arend and Garance Dore always seem to ask – and now I know that you ask, too!


  2. Hey Emily – sometimes you get a better shot if you ask the person to stop for a moment. Other times, it works better to say nothing and catch them naturally unaware. I like both approaches.

  3. Haha, iLike!
    I think it depends on the person, as well as the look/ detail you like about it.. Sometimes it is enough to take a picture of the detail without asking, as some people are too embarrassed to like to be taken a picture of.. But mostly i go for the asking way – principles you know 😉

  4. love love love backseam snagged tight!!!

  5. Backseam snagged tights are hot.

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